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Det är mycket bra när våra (kommande) aktieägare hör av sig. Det här trevliga mailet fick jag av en av dem som vill investera i Fooever. Jag har bett om lov att publicera mailet samt våra svar (i fet stil) på bloggen, för jag tror att fler reflekterar över liknande saker och vi vill gärna hålla en öppen dialog.

Hi Karin!

My name is Guilherme and I am one of the persons who invested in Fooever’s campaign in FundedByMe. 

I love Fooever’s idea and I think it has great potential! 

Nowadays people want more and more to experience local culture in a more direct, exclusive and personalized way, and I think this service seems like a great tool for making it happen, bringing local products to the general public and making them more available and visible then ever before! It will be very interesting to watch this project develop and grow, and hopefully it will be a big success! 

I just downloaded the app yesterday, had a look at it, and it looks very nice! 

While browsing I came up with a couple of ideas and I thought I should share them with you guys, afterall, maybe you might find some of them useful, and that’s one of the advantages of crowdfunding, right? That you can get input from all of your shareholders. 

We agree: that is one if the main benefits with crowdfunding and it works especially well for Fooever since most people do have an opinion on the possibilities to purchase an onion 😉

NOTE: I wrote this before I saw the email you just sent to us, and I noticed that you already address some of the things I am mentioning below, like getting more producers to sign up 🙂 Nice! I’m sending you the text I had originally written anyway, just so you see all the things I thought 🙂

 Everyone else see below this email, the email was sent from me about our progress earlier today!

Also, it might be nice to make the communication in english as well, as some of the new shareholders might not speak swedish ( In my case I do undersand it, just the writing part is still a bit hard 🙂 ) Especially if the goal is to eventually lauch the app internationally, it might be nice to get used to using English 🙂

We do try to communicate to everyone in English if they live outside Sweden, a separate email This specific time since most of the information only concern people in Sweden! 🙂

So here are the ideas I got: 

1) I think a really important point at this stage is to increase a lot the base of products available!  If people access the app and there are not many products for them to buy, they might not come back to check again later and simply uninstall the app! I even think it could be useful to either limit access to the app or not advertise it to the general public until you have a good base of products being offered and have validated the apps functionality with a more limited crowd. So, as you mention on your campaign,  get in touch with local producers, local business, farms,local organic bakeries,  etc to get them to sign up and register their products. And remember to try to engage the new shareholders to get them to help and participate and get help/ contacts, etc!  

 Good point and This is how we also think. Now we need content, and then we need to have the big crowd come in and see it!

2) Are you planning to launch the service internationally? I think that would be a great idea! I believe that there’s market for this kind of service everywhere, and I think there’s also potential for using the app to buy products from local producers from other countries! Like cheese from france, oil from italy, etc. If you are, it is really important to have an english app, or at least an option to switch between english and swedish (or english and a local language, if you can manage to implement several languages). And maybe you should already now encourage the sellers to make their product description in english or both english/ native language (swedish at the moment). Otherwise, if you create an english version later on, it might be quite messy to get everyone to re-write the descriptions of hundreds or thousands of products which only have swedish descriptions.   

Totally! We start with Sweden and have the app in Swedish and also English (just switch in the interface by clicking the flags) to cover for the ones who want to see it in English. We plan to go to the US and UK in the next steps, but translation works easily to other languages; it is prepared for that since it is built in WordPress. We will network when we go to tech summit in Lisboa and we will also ask for cash support (for translation work and P & marketing costs) during a Kickstarter campaign the next months to see which markets are most eager for us to start there too.

3) When you first start the app, I think the initial page should give you some basic information saying: ”Do you want to sell a product, click here to sign up and register an offer”. ”Are you looking for local food? Click here to sign up”, etc. The way it is now might be confusing, especially for people who want to sell. They have to guess that they first need to register and sign up. I know it seems obvious, but for many people it won’t be. People like very intuitive and user friendly apps. In our busy daily routines many are not willing to spend time trying to figure out how things work. They want it easily explained or they just won’t use it. 

Yes! We can become much more clear here but the development team has built a solution that is not ideal but does its purpose.

I think it’s really important to make the app as simple and intuitive as possible. Get some app design ideas from a good, well qualified professional, if you don’t already have one. The simpler and more functional, the better: people get easily confused with multiple buttons, lots of text, etc. Take the example of FundedByMe’s website: there’s few buttons to click, few menus, few options, and I think it works very well! 

NOTE: Now on the email that you sent, you sent a link to a manual on how to register. I think the goal should be that the whole process is so intuitive that you don’t need a manual at all! As few steps as possible.

Agree! We are not proud to send a manual on how to register. We think this should be improved asap and this is a prioritized feature.

4) The tag system is nice and very useful for searching, but I like the idea of also adding categories. If you have a lot of products in one area, it will be confusing and boring to swipe through hundreds of products. But if you can click on “bread” and see what is being offered there, it should get more manageable. Of course I can select the ”bread” tag to make a search, but having a few categories gives the viewer only a few options to choose from, which is easy to manage. Having dozens of tags in front of you can be a bit confusing/overwhelming for some users, I think.

 This is also true and should be easy to find a better structure for.

 Then you could also search by category and place: I want to see bread bakers in uppsala: and then I get a list. 

 On a further stage, if you get local producers from other countries to sign up (like places with strong tradition for local products – ex: french wine, cheese, etc), you could combine it with search by category. It would be awesome if I could search for “Cheese in France” and get a list of products I could order with one click to my home in Sweden! (for that it would be nice if the producers could easily say if they ship/deliver products. More on that below)

Yes, we just create the tag ”postal delivery” and the seller posts an item for ”stamps” (freight).

5) I love the map function! Specially if you are travelling around, having a map showing what is around you is really, really cool! 🙂 

 But I think that the way it is now might get confusing once you have hundreds or thousands of producers registered. Right now there are few products so you are curious to click on all of them, but in the future a map with hundreds of identical pins, all the same colour and one over the other might be hard to manage and understand. One idea is to have different colours (or different icons) to the pin depending on the category (bread/fruit/restaurants, etc) so that it´s easy for the viewer to know what kind of product is around him. Another possibility is to allow the pins on the map to be filtered by categories (only show fruit providers, for example). 

Good idea with the colours. In the future you Will be able to filter by tags also on the map.

 6) The items shown on the home tab could show location (city, village, etc) or how many km away from the user that particular vendor is. Also clearly show who the vendor is (person, shop, etc)

 Yes, also good although not prioritized since it is better if the map works with your 5) idea.

7) The item description could be more detailed, including size/ volume/ weight, maybe list main ingredients, saying if the item is available for delivery or not, how many are available (is it a limited quantity or is the product produced on demand?), etc

 This is up to the seller and he or she should add This information, the manual will be updated!

8) Maybe the sellers could select if they can ship their products or not, and that information could be available on the item description. Then the buyers could mark, when making a purchase, if they want it delivered to their home (if that option is available) or if they will pick up the product themselves. Then buyers could register and address, and if the item has a delivery option the buyer could click on a bottom saying “deliver” and then choose if you want it delivered to the preferred address, etc. I know the focus is on local food, but if the producer is willing to send their products by mail, it would be great if a person could, from his home in stockholm, easily find and buy jam from a producer from his hometown in southern sweden; or maybe buy cheese from local producers in france, etc

Yes, the buyer clicks the tag ”postal delivery” and it is a first match that later can improve.

9) I think it’s nice to have a rating system for the sellers and for each of the products as well (like 5 stars system or something like that) so that people can see what others have liked.

It is included, so after a payment you as a buyer get the email with a link to review the seller.

Well, these were the ideas I had for now. Hope you can get something useful out of it and feel free to ask me if you didn’t understand something I said. 🙂

Just to make it clear, I think the app is really nice the way it is now! It’s just that I think it can become even better and easier to use, especially when you think of scalling up the service. Of course, all of that will come as the business develops. 🙂

 So, to sum up, my main suggestions are: 

1) Develop the app functionalities so that it is more intuitive and user friendly (Most people are not very patient and will easily give up on using the app if it’s not clearly intuitive)

2) Increase the available product database so that users don’t get disappointed when they sign up. (That means a lot of effort into convincing people who make food to sign up and register their products!)

3) Developing an english version so that the service can expand internationally (or so that foreigners can use it while travelling in Sweden) 

Thank you so much! It is great to have such solution oriented people with us as share holders! 

Wish you (us!) lots of success and best of luck!


 Yes! Agree again! Let’s rockn’roll!!



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